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NOV-DEC 2015

The Colorist is the hair color authority! How-to’s for stunning hair styles, hair color formulas, products for color-treated hair, celebrity colorist profiles, education tips and salon industry news are included in each issue.

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Jump directly to these The Colorist ads by clicking on the thumbnails below Or visit their websites by clicking on their hyperlinks throughout The Colorist online edition Tressa Lakme SHINE 2 (2 TIMES SHINIER) COLOR 2 (2 WEEKS LONGER) Introducing WATERCOLORS BB DEMI COLOR with Anti-Aging Baobab Tree Extract Simply the best hair color you'll ever use! © 2015 Tressa, Inc. Each use increases shine, hair strength and elasticity. Reinforces strands for improved strength from root to tip. Deeply nourishes hair or greater manageability. Penetrates deeper for cleaner blondes, richer browns, cooler ashes and brighter reds. Creates younger looking hair. Instantly conditions for a softer,smoother feel. 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REGISTER NOW /Matrix /MatrixFamily #BlurAlert The First Ever Multi-Tasker For Color Adjustment Base adjusting • Softening contrast • Blending away re-growth Fixing stripy highlights • Softening harsh ombre Express toning • Illuminating natural haircolor *Hair photos shown have not been retouched. Introducing The Latest Innovation That Takes The Difficulty Out Of Color Adjustment. BLUR AWAY HAIRCOLOR IMPERFECTIONS New color fi ltering technology in four color fi lters that lift up to one level without ammonia, depositing a light veil of color to blur contrast and perfect undertones. Perfect to adjust and correct any haircolor. INTRODUCING AFTER BEFORE No Stripe s! Erase unwanted, stripy highlights* Discretely blend away roots* Blended Away! AFTER BEFORE AFTER BEFORE Soften harsh ombre contrast* No Line! Tone down or brighten up, instantly* AFTER BEF ORE Brighten Up! BLUR COLOR IMPERFECTIONS MINUTES 5-15 IN E a s y o n e - s t e p p r o c e s s ! Matrix All-Nutrient M ADE IN THE U . 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