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NOV-DEC 2015

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All year we've been keeping an eye out for promising young colorists who are poised to take their careers to the top. These 30 talented beauty pros—all under age 30—have been recognized by salon owners and manufacturers for their skills, drive and passion. Remember their names—we think they might just have what it takes to be the next George Papanikolas, Tracey Cunningham or Dimitrios Tsioumas. ➻ andrea harbison j { ALL-NUTRIENT } moved to Nashville, TN, immediately following graduation from beauty school in Indianapolis and is now the owner of the thriving La Dolce Vita Salon in Franklin, TN, where she specializes in color work and extensions. "I love that color techniques constantly change, giving me something fun and new to try all the time," Harbison says. "My clients are never bored with their color." list of hot, young tal ent OUR THIRD ANNUAL LIKE US ON FACEBOOK OR VISIT THECOLORISTMAG.COM TO DISCOVER MORE UP-AND-COMING TALENT. WE'LL BE RECOGNIZING RISING COLOR STARS EVERY WEEK WHO ARE MAKING A NAME FOR THEMSELVES BEHIND THE CHAIR AND BEYOND. 32 The Colorist | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 | ➻ corinne brown l { GOLDWELL } left nursing school to enroll in beauty school and pursue a career in hairdressing, despite others warning her that she wouldn't make any money. After her fi rst six years working in the industry at Jaazz Salon in Spokane, WA, however, Brown became a Goldwell technical associate and color educator for the salon's apprenticeship program, and she was making a better living than if she had become a nurse. Last year, Brown relocated to Seattle to work at Salon Circa. "T is year, I won gold in the Partner Category for Goldwell Color Zoom, and my mom trusts me and me alone to do her hair," Brown says. "I'm not sure which is the bigger accomplishment." We get the feeling this is just the beginning for this talented pro.

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