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NOV-DEC 2015

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46 The Colorist | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 | Four leading colorists share tips on how to prepare, protect, preserve and repair color-treated hair. workplace PHOTOGRAPHY (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT): SKYNESHER; COURTESY OF MALIBU C; COURTESY OF MATRIX; COURTESY OF STEVEN ROBERTSON; COURTESY OF REDKEN get smart G orgeous hair color is the goal of every colorist, but achieving the desired results can be nearly impossible if stylists don't take the time to properly prepare, protect, preserve and repair color-treated hair. "Our clients trust us to achieve the right color and take care of their hair while doing so," says Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham, who stresses that external damage like split ends or internal damage caused by heat-styling tools, sun exposure, and hair color and lightening can negatively aff ect color absorption. "It's a multistep process that requires our full attention when clients are in our salon chair, as well as maintenance once they're at home. Otherwise, the health of the hair is back at square one and you've just created more work for yourself." Check out these tips from top colorists on how to keep color-treated hair looking vibrant, healthy and shiny: It's important to preserve color-treated hair and maintain its integrity to prevent fading and loss of shine and luster. To keep hair color at its best, make sure you recommend that your clients follow a daily maintenance program at home with color-protecting products like MATRIX BIOLAGE COLORLAST SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER , in addition to a weekly alternating moisturizing treatment like BIOLAGE COLORLAST MASK or BIOLAGE HYDRASOURCE CONDITIONING BALM . 1 2 3 4 If I notice that my client's hair has become brittle or damaged, I apply REDKEN EXTREME CAT TREATMENT before the color service to prevent future damage. CAT, or Cysteic Acid Treatment, f ghts cysteic acid, which is what is created when the bonds in the hair break, leaving the hair weak. CAT gives the bonds something to hold onto, making the hair stronger. Finish with EXTREME CONDITION or STRENGTH BUILDER PLUS , then dry the hair and begin your color service. As gentle as hair color technology is becoming today, hair still takes on damage when processed. Damage causes hair to lose not only its strength, but equally important, its shine. With COLORPHLEX , both strength and shine are addressed and healed during the coloring process. ColorpHlex can be used in your color or bleach to build and repair bonds as they're lost during processing, or as a stand-alone salon treatment on already damaged hair prior to a color service. Repairing color-treated hair can be a challenge, as each client has different needs. MALIBU C 's new CONCENTR8 MIXERS FOR BACKBAR — REHYDR8 MOISTURE CONDITIONER , REHABILIT8 PROTEIN CONDITIONER and ILLUMIN8 OIL FUSION CONDITIONER —let me target specif c hair challenges. These Malibu Mixers are not only for individual use as supercharged, highly concentrated hair shots, but are also designed to be mixed together to create a customized cocktail unique to each client's needs. PRESERVE [Chrystofer Benson] Matrix Artistic Director SOLUTION Matrix Biolage ColorLast, Biolage HydraSource PROTECT [Steven Robertson] Lunatic Fringe, Salt Lake City SOLUTION ColorpHlex REPAIR [Missy Peterson] HairBenders, Indianapolis SOLUTION Malibu C Concentr8 Mixers for Backbar PREPARE [Tracey Cunningham] Mèche, Beverly Hills, CA SOLUTION Redken Extreme CAT, Extreme Condition, Strength Builder Plus

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