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MAR-APR 2016

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44 The Colorist | MARCH/APRIL 2016 | a gem of a technique c assroom I ndustry icon and creative hair color thought leader Leland has developed a highlighting technique inspired by the work of the lapidary, a person who cuts and polishes gems. "I call it Facet, and it's the new highlight—my foilayage-facet technique," says Leland, founder of Celeb Luxury, a new company planning to launch a "disruptive" hair color technology later this year. Leland was the fi rst person to use foils on stage in the 1960s, also applying lighteners through hair, painting in highlights (balayage) and utilizing a freestyle application technique on angles. His newest technique involves mixing, matching and alternating patterns, every other foil, varying how the lightener is applied on each foil to produce facets in the hair that eliminate obvious re-growth. "T e beauty is that because there's no rhyme or reason, it adds vibrations like the uniquely cut facets of gems," Leland says, "so have fun, break the mechanics, and be a hair color graphic designer." Here, he shares the process. 1 Start with a pattern of your choice: pieces, chunks or slices. 2 Apply the lightener on sharp angles and alternate with zigzags, diagonals and straight brush strokes down the hair, leaving previously colored or lightened ends untouched. 3 Lighten less hair toward the scalp, widening angles through the mid-lengths and ends. 4 In select areas, you may choose to put the lightener on the whole section down to the scalp. 5 To keep the angles and lines of the lightener in place and prevent the mixture from moving, lay a second foil on top and fold it over in your style. FACET HIGHLIGHTING get the look! PHOTOGRAPHY (CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT): JEFFREY HAMILTON; COFFEE AND MILK PHOTOGRAPHY; COURTESY OF CELEB LUXURY (2) Visit Leland's web page at rst to be the f rst to know about what's coming or connect with him on Facebook at lelandhirschcolorist. Leland shares his new Facet method of highlighting. scalp zigzag less lightener at the scalp, more at the ends Alternate lightener application patterns as shown here, in the order of your choice, leaving previously colored or lightened ends untouched. mix & matc

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