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46 The Colorist | JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 | w ith a brand-new hybrid hair color launch—the fi rst in the company's 30-plus years in business—and a skincare line launching simultaneously at Salon Centric, Malibu C is gearing up for a banner year. Available in three shades that can be blended to produce any color, new Concentr8 Colour non-oxidative, dry, pure pigment powders defy easy categorization, according to Malibu C founder and CEO Tom Porter. " is is a whole new way of thinking about color," Porter says. "It's about learning to work with pure pigments. A lot of the new colorists are mixing and matching and playing with color. ey want to be more hands on, and we're making that possible." To use Concentr8 Colour, colorists mix each of the Primary Red, Yellow and Blue packets with water—Malibu C recommends distilled—and then blend the formulas to achieve the desired shade. e multifunctional color can then be applied alone on pre-lightened hair; added to a base like Illumin8 Concentr8 Mixer; used as a fi ller, glaze or color overlay; or mixed with shampoo, conditioner or the company's new Concentr8 Colour Masque to create a customized color booster. Depending on the usage, the color is formulated to last from one to three weeks. Porter anticipates colorists will discover even more applications when they use the color for themselves. "We don't even know everything it can do yet," he says. Along with the versatility, Porter says Concentr8 Colour off ers many other benefi ts to colorists since the products are simple to use, compact and lightweight. "It's an especially good option for booth renters who want to be creative but can't aff ord a cabinet full of color," he says. Concentr8 Colour will be available direct from Malibu C as a limited release this month, and through distributors starting in March. Malibu C is also launching the nature- and science-inspired Wellness Skin Care collection this month at SalonCentric. e daily skincare regimen comprises the signature C Sérum, Crème and Purifi facial cleanser in four custom formulas: Perfection (anti-aging), Sensitiv (fragrance- and oil-free), Acné and Eczéma. Each system also includes a weekly Masque. e freshly activated serum's key ingredient is pharmaceutical-grade ascorbic acid, an ultrapotent form of vitamin C shown to scavenge free radicals that contribute to accelerated aging. It's the same technology, Porter says, that's used in Malibu C Crystal Gel Wellness Remedy, which colorists discovered also held signifi cant benefi ts for the skin when it fi rst launched nearly 30 years ago. "People tend to put hair care on one side of the room and skincare on the other, but we believe colorists should be the number-one experts on oxidation because that's how they earn their living," Porter says. " ey're oxidizing the hair, and the reason we show signs of aging of our skin is the same oxidation." Whether its hair care or skincare, wellness and total oxidation management, Porter stresses, are the common threads woven through all of Malibu C's products and practices. "We're about remedies using one single technology, and that is antioxidation," he says. PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY OF MALIBU C lead g the way Malibu C founder and CEO Tom Porter discusses the company's category-busting new hair color line, plus a skincare launch at SalonCentric formulated specifi cally with colorists in mind. | po t of view From left: New Malibu C Concentr8 Colour comes in three 100 percent vegan shades that are free of gluten, ammonia and PPDs; the Wellness Skin Care collection is launching in SalonCentric this month.

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