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MAR-APR 2017

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FAVE BEHIND- THE-SCENES MOMENT WHERE I FIND MY INSPIRATION COLOR TECHNIQUE DU JOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITE COLOR LOOK CURRENT CELEBRITY MUSE MASTER COLOR TIP Tom Hanks talking me into having a tuna sandwich at his in-house salon while doing his hair touch-ups for his Saving Mr. Banks (2013) character, Walt Disney. I continue to be inspired by runway looks, editorial shots, nature, fabric—it's everywhere. Elizabeth Banks' character, Effi e, in The Hunger Games fi lms—the pink, chartreuse and lavender wigs I colored were a challenge and just epic! Along with all the Capitol citizens in the movies, her looks catapulted the trending beautiful unnatural shades that have become a hair color epidemic. Jennifer Lawrence is lovely to work with. Her style and color is always on point. She is fresh, happy and a great infl uence for young women. Use only demi- permanent color to fi ll, tone or refresh the mid- lengths and ends of hair. It's the perfect choice to create shiny, damage-free, healthy results every time. hand-painting between foils lake bell. she's a true color chameleon. Every day, everyone, everything and everywhere Use a camera phone to test lighting, tonal refl ection and hair color saturation. You can begin to train your artist's eye by using everyday technology. Lake Bell. She's truly fearless when it comes to changing her overall hair color. She's a true color chameleon. One of my most recent favorite looks is the one I collaborated with Lake Bell on, creating a very light baby blonde for a new up-and-coming theatrical project. It's always a challenge to lighten and tone previously colored hair while maintaining camera-ready condition and shine. Balayage. This technique can be used to not only create a natural- looking, beachy highlight, but can evolve to a strong ombré, or you can approach a tricky color correction or use it in conjunction with any of the fashion color toners to take this look to the avant-garde. I fi nd my inspiration in my everyday life— nature, family, art. Beauty is all around us everywhere. Being a part of a celebrity wedding and keeping it all a secret from the press exudes Old Hollywood glamour. We can all remember a time when celebrities didn't have to share every intimate detail of their private lives. My experience at Lake Bell's wedding was exactly that: private, special and glamorous, but also real. Don't ever think you're a master colorist. There's always something new to learn about your craft and it can come from other colorists around you. I've always loved Cate Blanchett as an actress and Gwen Stefani as a musician. They're creative, talented and totally individual. They're not clients, but I hear they're as cool on the inside as they are on the outside. Our salon is known for using all types of techniques and developing new ones for whatever our clients' needs are. Every day, everyone, everything and everywhere in movies, art, fashion and most of all—my clients. I was coloring hair for a major fashion show, and I had to color nine models at the venue. They told me they had sinks for hair washing, but when I got there, the portable sinks weren't hooked up to water. I was quickly creative, and only with the help of God did everyone's color still come out beautiful. My favorite signature technique is hand- painting between foils at different levels from mid- lengths to ends with a low-volume developer after the retouch is on and foils are in, creating natural, soft, subtle dimension. I helped create the platinum look for Michelle Williams. She has a perfect face with the most dreamy complexion to carry this look. | MARCH/APRIL 2017 | The Colorist 35

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