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MAY-JUN 2017

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2 MICHAEL ALBOR AND RACHEL GRAHAM | MATRIX Part of the duo's Watercolor Series, this look was created to refl ect the edgy street style of Boston's many students who come to the area's colleges and universities from around the world. FORMULAS A | Matrix Light Master + 40-volume developer B | 1 oz. Color Sync Watercolors Sapphire Blue + 1 oz. 10-volume developer C | 1 oz. Color Sync Watercolors Moss Green + 1 oz. 10-volume developer D | 1 oz. Color Sync Watercolors Berry Violet + 1 oz. 10-volume developer E | ½ oz. Color Sync 10A + ½ oz. 10P + 1 inch 1A + 1 oz. 10-volume developer 1 Create 1 / 8 -inch slices and apply formula A using a side-brushing technique. Repeat throughout and lighten to pale yellow. Rinse thoroughly, cleanse and towel-dry. 2 Next, create weave sub-sections and apply alternating formulas B, C and D. 3 Apply formula E to the hair left between the foils. Process accordingly. PHOTOGRAPHY: KATHLEEN MINTON 30 The Col orist | MAY/JUNE 2017 |

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