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MAY-JUN 2017

The Colorist is the hair color authority! How-to’s for stunning hair styles, hair color formulas, products for color-treated hair, celebrity colorist profiles, education tips and salon industry news are included in each issue.

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Page 33 of 48 | MAY/JUNE 2017 | 31 The Colorist KATE REID | KEVIN.MURPHY Reid merged intense pastels in dense or bold variation with soft, muted pastel edges to create this In.Bloom look. FORMULAS A | Color.Me by Kevin. Murphy 80 ml Cream. Lightener + 160 ml 20-volume Cream.Activator B | 80 ml 11.0 + 3 ml 7.46 + 7 ml 8.66 + 135 ml 10-volume Cream.Activator C | 70 ml 11.0 + 7 ml 7.46 + 4 ml 8.66 + 30 ml Clear + 7 ml Soft.Violet + 165 ml 10-volume Cream.Activator 1 Create a global color that is an even depth of level 10 to 11 with formula A. Process for 50 minutes. 2 Section the hair in off-centered, nonparallel oval bands. 3 Start with the outer perimeter band and apply formula B from the new growth to the ends. 4 Within the next oval band, also apply formula B on the new growth, but apply formula C on the mid- lengths and ends. 5 With each following oval band, apply formula B to the new growth but alternate B and C on the mid-lengths and ends. 6 Develop, then emulsify, rinse and apply the Color.Me by Kevin.Murphy fi nishing regimen. 3 PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY OF KEVIN.MURPHY

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