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JUL-AUG 2017

The Colorist is the hair color authority! How-to’s for stunning hair styles, hair color formulas, products for color-treated hair, celebrity colorist profiles, education tips and salon industry news are included in each issue.

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32 The Colorist | JULY/AUGUST 2017 | FORMULAS A | 20 ml Goldwell Colorance 10G + 5 ml 9KG + 5 ml 6KR + 60 ml Lotion B | 1 spoonful SilkLift Gentle High Performance Lightener + 35 ml Conditioning Cream Developer Lotion 6% (20 volume) + 3 pumps of Intensive Conditioning Serum Concentrate C | Colorance 15 ml 8K + 30 ml Lotion D | 15 ml Colorance Express Toning 10 Crème + 30 ml Lotion 1 Section the hair. Apply formula A from roots to ends on the section along the hairline. 2 Apply alternating formulas B, C, B and A in slices on both sides. Always apply formula A onto the regrowth. Work toward the crown. Apply formula A to the remaining hair. 3 Observe the processing time. Shampoo and treat with Goldwell Dualsenses Color products and then towel-dry the hair. 4 Apply formula D as a toner. Observe the processing time and then rinse. Global Team G O L D W E L L / / This light and natural copper look is called Lively Marigold. PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY OF GOLDWELL

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