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FORMULAS A | Oligo Professionnel Blacklight Balayage Clay Lightener B | 3 parts Calura 8-32/ GI + 1 part Clear + equal parts 10-volume developer 1 On each diagonal section, take smaller "V" sections, leaving natural hair in between. Holding these smaller sections at a 90-degree angle from the head, apply formula A, varying each starting point. Apply with a feathered balayage application. 2 Moving upward and to the front fringe area, use a bricklayer technique to ensure a soft, natural fl ow of lightness throughout. 3 Customize the fringe area to complement each guest. 3 Apply formula B and process up to 10 minutes until the desired result is achieved. OYA Lightening Powder is a light blue-based powder enriched with soothing aloe vera that provides up to 7 levels of lift. ➻ ColorDesign Shiny Blond Blue Lightening Cream is a clay-based cream lightener that lifts up to 5 levels and features a blue tone to counteract orange undertones when lifting. ➻ FORMULAS A | 1 scoop Matrix Light Master + 1 scoop Light Master Freehand Additive + 1 oz. 40-volume Cream Developer + Bond Ultim8 Step 1 B | 1 scoop Light Master + 1 scoop Light Master Freehand Additive + 1 oz. 20-volume Cream Developer + Bond Ultim8 Step 1 George Papanikolas M AT R I X / / Papanikolas created actress Becca Tobin's look using the balayage technique and formulas enhanced with Matrix's new Light Master Freehand Additive, along with Bond Ultim8 Step 1 Amplifi er, which is formulated to protect hair's bonds during lightening. 1 Freehand-paint delicate balayage highlights through the crown using formula B, gradually getting thicker and heavier with the application toward the mid- lengths, and heaviest at the ends. Repeat this application method with formula A around the face frame. 2 Process until desired lightness is achieved, or up to 50 minutes, without heat. 3 Rinse thoroughly and apply Bond Ultim8 Step 2 for 10 minutes. 4 Rinse thoroughly and cleanse and condition using Matrix Total Results Hello Blondie Shampoo and Conditioner. Tammy Viveiros | Todd Ciccarelli | Andrew Gilbert O L I G O P R O F E S S I O N N E L / / For added tonal control when lifting darker levels, the Oligo Professionnel education team recommends using Blacklight Cool Toned Blonde as an alternative to Blacklight Balayage Clay Lightener. TIGI Copyright Colour True Light Powder Lightener is a dust-free formula that provides up to 7 levels of lift, can be used for on- and off-scalp applications and is designed to help camoufl age the undertones while lightening. ➻ Product Club Balayage Clips are designed to secure balayage fi lm without weighing it down, and can be used to anchor only the fi rst sheet in each section, or throughout the application when needed. ➻ PHOTOGRAPHY (FROM TOP): FRANCA PERROTTO, MAKEUP: VANESSA MUOIO; PHOTOGRAPHY: COURTESY OF MATRIX; PRODUCTS: COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS (4)

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