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SEP-OCT 2017

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RED ZONE SPICE UP YOUR CLIENTS' COLOR WITH THESE ON-TREND TECHNIQUES. MISAEL APONTE JERRY CHANG OLIGO PROFESSIONNEL A | 60 grams Oligo Professionnel Calura 7 Neutral + 60 grams 7-1/A + 120 grams 20-volume developer B | 60 grams Power Shades PS-12 + 60 grams 40-volume developer C | 60 grams Power Shades PS-55 + 60 grams 30-volume developer D | 45 grams Calura 4-1/A + 3 grams 1 Neutral + 50 grams 20-volume developer E | 30 grams Power Shades PS-32 + 30 grams 30-volume developer 1 Begin by sectioning an oval shape on the top part of the head, incorporating the high point and high crown areas. This initial oval creates a veil and will be the base color (formula A). 2 Based off of the oval, create fi ve sections: two smaller sections in the fringe area, two equal sections in the side compartments and one larger section in the upper interior back section. Two back- to-back slices taken on a diagonal divide these sections. 3 Apply color as follows: All slices are formula D; the top sections of the compartments are formula B; the bottom sections of the compartments are formula E; the smallest fringe section is formula C; and all remaining hair is formula A. 4 Using your creative discretion, alternate blocks above and below diagonals with formulas B, C and E. DEAN ROYBAL WELLA A | 40 grams Wella Koleston Perfect 2/0 + 40 grams 10-volume developer B | 15 grams Magma by Blondor /65 Violet Mahogany + 30 grams Blondor Freelights 30-volume developer 1 Apply formula A on the new growth and vary the amount, creating a shadow effect toward the mid-lengths. 2 Using a balayage technique, hand-paint formula B from the mid-lengths to the ends, color melting the two formulas. 3 Process for 30 minutes, and then shampoo and condition using Wella Oil Refl ections Luminous Shampoo and Conditioner. 1 2 3 CHRISTEL LUNDQVIST TIGI A | 40 grams TIGI Copyright Colour Creative 4/65 + 20 grams Gloss 6/53 + 90 grams 8.5-volume activator 1 Take a center profi le parting from the crown to the forehead. From the top crown, take a radial parting. Secure the side sections with clips. 2 Take a horizontal parting at the top crown. Apply formula A to the new growth, mid-lengths and ends. Continue working this way until the back section is completed. 3 Move to the crown area. Take diagonal slices and apply formula A to the new growth through to the ends. Continue working this way until you reach the hairline and the section is completed. 4 Process the color for 20 minutes. Emulsify, rinse and remove using Catwalk by TIGI Oatmeal & Honey range. 1 2 3 PHOTOGRAPHY (FROM LEFT): COURTESY OF TIGI; COURTESY OF OLIGO PROFESSIONNEL; COURTESY OF DEAN ROYBAL

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