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SEP-OCT 2017

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FEDERICO LONGO GKHAIR A | 1.41 oz. GKhair Juvexin Cream Hair Color 7.4 + 2.11 oz. 20-volume developer B | 1.6 oz. Lightening Powder + 2.11 oz. 20-volume developer C | 1.41 oz. Juvexin Cream Hair Color 9.3 + 2.11 oz. 10-volume developer 1 Start by applying formula B on the ends of the hair. Process a minimum of 30 minutes and then apply formula A at the base of the hair. 2 Divide the hair in fi ve sections of the same size. Divide one section with a diagonal circular line. Create a 1 centimeter-wide section from the diagonal line. 3 Apply formula B, blending on the lengths. 4 Create another 1 centimeter-wide section, 3 centimeters away from the fi rst one, and repeat the same process from step three. 5 Process 20 minutes. Rinse and wash with GKhair Juvexin Shampoo. 5 Apply formula C. Process 15 minutes. Shampoo with Juvexin Shampoo and Conditioner. 5 5 LEAH STERK LENNY STRAND MATRIX A | 1½ oz. Matrix Socolor 6RR+ + ½ oz. SoRed Red + 2 oz. 20-volume Cream Developer B | 1½ oz. Socolor 6RR+ + ½ oz. SoRed Red + 2 oz. 30-volume Cream Developer C | Colorgraphics Lacquers Orange 1 Apply formula A to the new growth. 2 Immediately apply formula B to the mid-lengths and ends and formula C (glaze) to previously highlighted hair; process accordingly. 1 | CELEB LUXURY GEM LITES COLORWASH is a sulfate- free formula that gently cleanses hair while adding color with Colorposit technology to prevent visible color fading. 2 | LAKMÉ COLLAGE REDMOTION contains pigments that boast a high chromatic color power, adhere to the capillary fi ber and penetrate the cortex to produce intense Collage results, while meadowfoam oil promotes shine and protects the hair. 3 | EUFORA BEAUTIFYING ELIXIRS COLOR REVIVE is an in- between cleanse and conditioning treatment available in four shades featuring a newly updated formula that includes nourishing inula extract, which helps color penetrate deeper into the hair shaft while providing increased color intensity, vibrancy and shine. 4 | ALOXXI ANDIAMO EXPRESS PERMANENT COLOUR offers full gray coverage and utilizes Turbo Dye Technology to deposit a higher concentration of dyes in only 10 minutes, while the calibrated dye coupler formula regulates the dye oxidation pace to ensure consistent color results for up to 4 levels of lift. 5 | ALFAPARF MILANO PIGMENTS can be used for multiple purposes, such as revitalizing color between services in the salon, correcting color during a simultaneous texture service or maintaining clients' color at home when mixed into the line's shampoos and masks. Tools of the Trade 4 4 1 2 3 4 5 PHOTOGRAPHY (FROM LEFT): COURTESY OF MATRIX; COURTESY OF GKHAIR; COURTESY OF MANUFACTURERS (5) | SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2017 | The Colorist 43

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