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NOV-DEC 2017

The Colorist is the hair color authority! How-to’s for stunning hair styles, hair color formulas, products for color-treated hair, celebrity colorist profiles, education tips and salon industry news are included in each issue.

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44 The Colorist | NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2017 | ➽ T E N T H I N G S T H AT I N S P I R E M E T O B E C R E AT I V E E V E R Y D AY muse missy peterson PHOTOGRAPHY (TOP): COURTESY OF MALIBU C; (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): PREMIUM UIG; VENAKR; ALVIS UPITIS; NOPPADON_SANGPEAM; LWIECK; COURTESY OF MALIBU C; COURTESY OF MISSY PETERSON; TETRA IMAGES; BARRY BRECHEISEN; KATARINA_B; MATTEO COLOMBO 6 Y E A R S I N T H E BI Z : 15 | T I T L E : MALIBU C GLOBAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR 7 P R O D U C T I N N O VAT I O N "The two product innovations that have been most infl uential to me are Malibu C Professional CPR Color Pigment Remover and new Concentr8 Colour Pigments." 1 M Y B A C K YA R D 2 L A R G E T R E E S 3 T E X T U R E S 4 I N S P I R AT I O N A L Q U O T E S 5 FA L L 6 P R O D U C T I N N O VAT I O N 7 FA M I LY 8 L E A R N I N G A N D T E A C H I N G 9 ' 9 0 S M U S I C 0 G R E E C E 10 1 3 5 8 9 4 "Le n the ru like a o, so y c eak them like t t." — P A B L O P I C A S S O FA M I LY "My daughter and granddaughters inspire me to do better every day. I want to leave a legacy of learning and possibility for them." G R E E C E "Looking at Greek statues that were carved 2,000 years ago, and the hair is what is trending today, was spectacular. It makes you realize how everything is a cycle." 2 Eminem

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